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July 2019


Surreal Sixties Journey to the Isle of Man

Dick Bodily travelled to the Isle of Man as a Scout in 1961. The trip was to have an eventful and unexpected start...

Newbies at Yeovil

Jim Gerrard reports on another successful and interesting Abbey Hill Rally which saw some interesting exhibits that were new to the show.

Taking Its Toll

Crossing the bridge was expensive! David Viner reports from a trip to south Devon.

Last Day at the Beeches

The Beeches Light Railway has run for the last time at its home for 15 years. But all is not lost, as James Hamilton reports.

Auction Round Up

Reports from several auctions and one auction preview.

Mingling with Mats

Informal enthusiast gatherings are always relaxed events, and a recent gathering of Matadors proved the
point. Brian Gooding reports from a field in Sussex…

Bath’s Industrial Time Capsule

John Hannavy explores a unique slice of Bath’s past.

Saturday Night, Sunday Morning

James Hamilton spent a sleepless night enjoying engines, first at the fair and then en route to Brighton.

Pride of Kintore

Old lorries are alive and well and living in Aberdeenshire. Bob Weir went to Kintore to see two classic commercials from different eras.

Surrey’s Last

James Hamilton dropped in on Surrey’s last working watermill.

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