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May 2018


Steaming To Sherborne

James Hamilton reports on a mainline steam trip he took from London to Dorset and includes some stunning photographs of his trip.

Keeping Sailing

Malcolm Styles was the engineer on the steamship Sir Walter Scott between 2005 and 2014. Here he gives us a look behind the scenes during his time with the ship.

London Calling – A brief history of AEC

The Associated Equipment Company Ltd (AEC) was a London based vehicle manufacturer that operated between the years 1912 and 1979, writes Bob Weir.

Cap’n Dick’s Day

Alan Butler and Colin Savage kindly provided these images of last year’s Trevithick Day in Cornwall.

Steaming at Ironbridge

Last summer, James Hamilton enjoyed a steamy weekend at Blists Hill Victorian Town in Ironbridge.

Taming the Beastie

Robert Campbell from Dumbarton has a passion for collecting old trucks. Bob Weir went to the Vale of Leven, to see his superb collection of classic commercials.

Gathering at Gillingham

Jim Gerrard reports from this year’s gathering of vehicles in the Dorset town of Gillingham.

Tractors in the Malverns

Jim Wilkie visited an early season event and auction and found some interesting items.

Green Goddesses and the AFT (Pt2)

Ron Henderson concludes his look at the history of the Auxiliary Fire Service and his own time in the service.

Water, Water Everywhere

John Hannavy explores the history of drinking water.

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